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(added April 3)

Live Jazz At Integrity

Sat. April 5 at 2PM

Sinan Bakir Trio

Sinan Bakir--guitar

Matt Dwonszyk-Bass

Curtis Torian-Drums


(added Oct 15)

New Jazz Releases

Ralph Towner-Travel Guide

Aaron Parks-Arboresence


New Latin Jazz Releases From TRRecords

Natalie Fernandez-Nuestro Tango

Mitch Frohman-Latin Jazz Quintet w/Zaccai & Luques Curtis


Just received Saturday over 100 used Jazz CDs


New Jazz Releases

Gary Bartz-Coltrane Warriors

Peter Bernstein-Dialogues

Alex Sipiagin-From Reality and Back


We are now buying used Jazz, Blues, Rock books

for mostly credit

Steve Sussman has a continuing photo display in our store.

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